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Work isn’t always about the jeans. It’s about the people behind and in those jeans!

We think you’ll love it here. But why do people already here love it?

I get to make my own schedule, and everyone is understanding when things come up. It’s a very chill system. For example, another employee’s car caught on fire today and it was ok :) And there is chocolate and wine all the time. I don’t know how it gets any better than that.

- Serena

I like the people. There is a lot of opportunity to learn and to be able to work on something that is not even within our realm. I love the fact that it is a startup, and I am a part of its growth. Everyone cares about each other and the well being of everyone, even outside of work, is important. The networking is amazing and our clients (some of whom are very important) are awesome. Not to mention the vibes! Our space is really cool.

- Victoria

Where do you fit best?

(Pun intended)