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"Not until I bought my first set of Fidelity Jeans did I ever have anyone compliment my jeans"

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Your Fit Expert, using FeelixTM, scours hundreds of thousands of options across the top brands and finds the 2-3 that are perfect for you in seconds.

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We tailor for a one-stop shop. Our tailors are denim experts. Every stitch looks completely natural.

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Want a new color? New style? Your fit is no longer made? All good. We can get you your next pair with a single click.

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Here’s what to expect.

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Option 1

Come to us. We have a beautiful showroom in Chicago. Our Fit Experts, powered by FeelixTM, will have you in perfect fitting jeans in as little as 15 mintues.

Option 2

We will come to you for Group fittings. Chicago, LA, SF, NY (ask about our other cities as well). Each fit expert, powered by FeelixTM, can fit up to 4 people per hour (and we have a lot of Fit Experts).

Option 3

Contact us. We will ask a few questions and find your perfect fit.

Option 4

Already know your perfect fit? Contact us or browse our site which has more options than any retailer in the world.

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Liz Kammel Tilatti

Co-Founder & CEO

ZipFIt Denim

I 'm always asked how ZipFit came to be. One may say it is because I have a big ass and small waist and nothing ever fit me, but it isn't just that. My first job in high school was selling jeans at the Gap. I was quickly put in the fitting room as I was really good at helping people select jeans. I'll never forget one of my customers who came out of her fitting room, looked at me, and asked "Is this really my body?!".

That joy a customer can feel when you're in something that both feels amazing and looks good is hard to deny. You can see it on a customer’s face, and I want that feeling for each and every customer.

How we actually do this is not easy. Typical specialty store retail buyers go to shows 9 months in advance of a season, place pre-orders for a few seasons ahead, receive those items later, put them on a sales floor or website, and hope they sell through. If they don't, they are marked down and clearanced out. What does this mean for the customer? They only get

access to what a buyer chose, which may not be a high-rise men’s fit in a size 44 or only low-rise jeans for women because the buyer liked those colors more.

How then can a customer who is big and tall, or a woman who needs a high rise, walk into any store and find a pair of black jeans? This is where we go against the norm. We carry a variety of rises, fits, skinny, slim fits, but first match you with your best fit and then choose the color. Fit First.

We also have access to everything our partner brands carry. You want pink jeans? If they’re made, we’ll get them for you. If you have a hard to fit size, no problem. We’ve scoured our brands, know their fits inside (material, stretch) and out (actual measurements). But that is not it. Fit is more that just which brand and fit is the best for you. It also includes tailoring. 80% of our customers need it on every pair. Off the rack denim does not always measure up. We step in to ship you jeans that you can wear right out of the box. Our tailors go through intense training on alterations so it doesn’t even look like the jean was touched, and our Fit Experts know more about jean fit, fabric and style than you even knew possible.

We look forward to finding some fabulous jeans for you soon.

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