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Color: M3010 Sabbath Rinse
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    Fidelity Denim '50-11' is a men's straight leg jean with a low-rise.

    Fidelity Jeans '5011' is an extremely comfortable straight leg jean made with premium stretch that won't bag out. Measurements (based on size 32)

    Fit Type: Straight Leg

    Rise: Low

    Detailing: Smaller back pockets that make the fit look more tailored, straight leg from the knee down, variety of modern washes.

    Care: Machine wash cold, inside out, and hang dry OR freeze clean your jeans by putting them in your freezer for 24 hours to eliminate odor.

    Hips: 44"

    Thigh: 19"

    Knee: 17.5"

    Ankle: 17.5"

    Front Rise: 10"

    Back Rise: 15"

    Material: 62% cotton, 38% polyester

    Fantastic Jeans, Fantastic Tailors
    I have to say that these jeans and this rinse are the best I ever had. This is my second pair of these, and first purchase from ZipFit. The look and feel can’t be beat. There is a problem I had with the pockets ripping on the pair I had bought years ago from another retailer. For the price, I would hope that Fidelity could make the pockets stronger. However, I may have washed the jeans against their care instructions so it may be my fault. The tailoring by ZipFit was spot on. If you are too busy or uninterested in going to a tailor, ZipFit is for you. The communication I received from the customer service team is the best I have ever received. I will be back for more from ZipFit.

    Size Purchased: 30

    Usual Size: 30x30

    Weight: 145

    Height: 5”11

    Great look and fit, poor quality
    This was my first pair of >$100 jeans, and I had high expectations. They look good on my, and the fit was great (thanks to ZipFit tailoring). However, after about 6 months wearing them they started to wear-through and tear in places. I expect more from denim: After a few years for wear, my jeans are often in good enough shape to be donated to GoodWill. These will have to be pitched before their first birthday. Perhaps the 'stretch' material that makes these jeans so comfortable also makes them fragile. I'll think I'll go back to real denim for next pair. I would recommend these only if you are planning to wear them infrequently, or don't mind a $170 pair of jeans only lasting a few months.
    First good looking jeans!
    Until ZipFit, my husband couldn't find jeans to fit his large athletic thighs/butt/hamstrings without looking dumpy. Liz suggested the Fidelity 5011 based on his build. He loves them because they're comfortable and he looks trim. Finally a pair of jeans that enhance his great shape. He may even go a bit slimmer next time and try the Impala or even Slim Jim style.
    so comfortable!
    The Fidelity 5011 twills are incredibly comfortable. They fit perfectly and look great as "jeans" or as "twills", with or without a sport coat. My only complaint is that the back pockets are a little shallow, but you can get used to that...
    Great Fit with mobility!
    As a larger man, these jeans are the best fitting I have!
    Fit well, travel beautifully
    You could have never told me that jeans would feel so good, fit so well, and travel so beautifully. I've never been one to shop a lot and have never heard of these jeans until ZipFit.The other jeans in my closet are jealous and justifiably so. It's hard to put my other jeans on when these feel so good!
    36 inch length, great style and fit
    Love them! So happy to have ZipFit perfect the fit on these stylish jeans! I get compliments regularly!
    Athletic feel and look
    The fidelity 5011 jeans that I wear are great due to the stretchability of the denim as well as the fit around my thighs. I am a bigger guy but have a slim waist with bigger thighs and it is always tough to find a pair of jeans that fit properly. I am 6'3 and the length comes of the jeans fits my boots,regular shoes, as well as not getting caught in my chain when riding my bike around the neighborhood. My fidelity jeans are the perfect fit where I look lean and have a lot of mobility. I like the lighter wash during the spring/summer and more dark wash during the winter to go with the boots I wear during winters in Chicago.
    Great comfortable jeans but short lifespan
    I bought these jeans primarily because of the feel of the denim - they are really soft! I put them on and liked them immediately. They are pretty versatile and I wore them both for casual weekend days and also when going out. I wore them pretty regularly for about 6 months before the soft denim started to wear thin and tear in spots. If you're looking for a bullet-proof pair of jeans to last you forever, these are not for you. But if you're looking for a comfortable, great looking pair of jeans that you don't mind replacing down the line, these are perfect.
    favorite jeans
    one of the best feeling jeans I've ever tried on. the material is comfortable and allows me to move around in them very easily.
    Very Comfortable.
    Very comfortable but fit me a tad loose, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the guy.
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