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Liz Kammel Tilatti
Co-Founder and CEO

Before cooking up ZipFit, Liz had two years of consulting and three years of retail experience under her belt. She studied Mathematics, Italian and Economics at Emory University and earned her MBA from Chicago Booth. When not dreaming up math equations to improve your denim experience, Liz enjoys indulging in chocolate and tearing up the soccer field.

Seth Pychewicz
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Seth is our team's tech genius who worked with Liz to realize her dream of using math to improve men's shopping experiences. Seth has extensive startup experience and is well-versed in web frameworks, databases and user experience. Past companies blessed to have his knowledge include Acquity Group, Chicago Tribune and Peak6. In his rare spare time, Seth is learning to play the piano and brew his own beer.

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Dan Aronson
Chief Operating Officer
Before joining ZipFit, Dan spent his time disrupting the Home Security industry. He earned his MBA from Northwestern (but the majority Chicago Booth team doesn’t hold that against him). When not figuring out how to make your jeans buying experience even easier, Dan is kicking a soccer ball, or racing down the slopes, with his wife and kids.
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Hayley Jurgensen
Senior Business Development Executive
In efforts to get back to her midwestern roots (born and raised in Omaha, NE) Hayley moved to Chicago from New York City, where she tackled the fashion industry while working at G-Star RAW and Sam Edelman. Hayley graduated from the University of Dayton with a double major in Marketing and Communications. She has a passion for fashion and loves styling friends and following fashion blogs. When Hayley's not working (or shopping) she enjoys traveling, pretending to know how to cook, and listening to rap music.
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Julianna Conenna
Marketing & Communications Manager
Julianna aka our very own "Jeans Fairy" is a fit expert with a passion for men's and women's fashion. Born and raised in the Windy City, she has an ardent love for Chicago and her home town hockey team, the Blackhawks! Julianna graduated from DePaul University with a B.A in Public Relations/Advertising and a minor in Italian and Organizational Communication. She has over four years of retail and styling experience. By day, she is a personal shopper and social media maven. In her spare time you can find her at a Blackhawk game or working on her fashion blog and newest venture.
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Courtney Kresach
Fit Expert Manager
Courtney started her retail career at H&M. After realizing that the "big guys" did not always offer a pleasant customer service experience, she found herself working for a small retail business for many years. There she learned the importance of establishing a relationship with customers so that they will always remember their experience and come back to you. When she's not helping people look their best, you can find her cheering on one of her favorite Chicago sports teams.
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Shauna Gialluisi
Fit Expert
Shauna has always had a passion for men’s and women’s fashion. With a B.A. in Apparel Merchandising from Illinois State University, she is excited to pursue a career within the fashion industry- especially in her hometown of Chicago! Shauna comes from a background in wholesale and retail sales. She has found her perfect fit, & ready to help you find yours!
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Glory Gummersall
Fit Expert
Glory lives up to her name working at ZipFit Denim! She glories in finding and fitting the best jeans for our clients. She has a strong eye for glam and the most current and fashionable trends. Glory grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. She escaped the Windy City to attend the sunny University of Arizona where she received her B.A. in English. Glory is excited to be back in her hometown working in the fashion industry. She has two years of experience working retail and a lifetime of styling experience as fashion has always been a true passion of hers.
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Carly Stoller
Operations Manager
After a stint in NYC working for both Ralph Lauren Corporation and Guess Inc, Carly returned to Chicago, where she was born raised. While working in the fine-jewelry industry, Carly developed a love for operations, but missed the clothing industry. She gravitated towards ZipFit Denim because of the company’s growth and “work-as-a-team” approach. Carly loves to travel the world and is also passionate about cooking, wine, and working out.
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Katie Gilbert
Director of Finance
Katie ditched her Bloomberg terminal and "banker clothes" for the denim lifestyle and has never looked back. She holds an MBA in finance, economics, and entrepreneurship from Chicago Booth. When she's not working in Excel (though now in great-fitting jeans instead of in a suit!), Katie can be found training for her next marathon along Lake Michigan, drinking wine (Pinot Noir preferably), or volunteering for Horizons for Youth.
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Carmen Mabins
Operations Associate
Carmen has experience wearing many hats working within the beauty and fashion industry. First started Operations at Skin1 and from there on proceeded to TrunkClub. The fact of doing what she loves and being who she is, is a win for her! Carmen loves the evolution of a growing company which bought her to Zipfit Denim! In her downtime, you can find her at the library getting a mystery, doing some hot yoga Oh and writing!
Stephanie updated
Stephanie LaFontaine
Lead Tailor
Stephanie has a knack for sewing and design. With a BFA in Thearical Costume Design from Stephens College, she has the knowledge to back up her talent and passion. Stephanie has enjoyed constructing and designing garments for various organizations, such as The Muny of St. Louis, Utah Shakespeare Fesitval, and the 4th of July Parade by Veiled Prophet Organization. In her rare spare time, Stephanie loves to travel, make memories with family, and relax with a movie and her pup, Maddie.
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Auksuole Marciuleviciene
Tailor Extraordinaire
Auksuole, originally from Lithuania, can hem your pants faster than you can put them on. When not sewing at ZipFit, she keeps herself busy designing and making clothes from scratch with her 7 sewing machines at home. She makes sure that the ZipFit office will never size down, constantly bringing in chocolates and other tasty Lithuanian delights.
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Belena Redmond
Tailor Extraordinaire
Belena Redmond, a two-time award nominee with the Black Theater Alliance for Best Costume Design, is no novice to the theater community. She has a passionate talent for the construction of clothing and whimsical costuming. She incorporates this passion and style in her work at ZipFit. Belena is a tourist in her own town, she loves Chicago and encourages others to explore its magnificence
Maggie rose
Maggie Rose Fischer
Senior Web Developer
Before life at Zipfit Maggie Rose graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies. After deciding that path wasn’t for her, she taught herself coding. Now you can barely tear her away from a computer. When not coding, she enjoys cooking and visiting breweries.
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Holly Rosenbalm
Operations Intern
Holly Rosenbalm is from a small town in Indiana and moved to Chicago two years ago to pursue her passion for the fashion industry. Prior to joining ZipFit Denim,Holly spent two years in retail and interned as a stylist for Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo. She is a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management. In Holly's free time she's either spending time with her family or volunteering at Chicago Children’s Hospital.
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Cody Koehler
Fit Development Rep
Before joining ZipFit, Cody was finishing college while freelancing for a marketing agency. From there Cody found ZipFit Denim through a sales bootcamp called Victory Lap. Cody’s passions outside of work are watching sports and taking care of his pets (2 dogs, 7 snakes, 2 lizards, 1 frog, 1 scorpion, and fish).